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​Although we haven't been to shows a lot recently due to personal circumstances, we have started showing again this year with our first show at Lowestoft on 15/04/2016 where we were fortunate to win Best Puppy AV with Maddie being handled by Daren (Beginners luck).


Daily Dog Duties

  • Personal Daily Grooming (Yves Job)
  • Some Tender Love & Care

Doggy Luxuries

A little bit about us and our care...

  • Morning Feed (Raw Meat(s) & Biscuits
  • Evening Feed (Raw Meat(s) & Biscuits

We have had Airedales for about 10 years now and currently have 3, Nancy, Ernie and Boycey. Along with these we also have a German Shepherd, Libby, and we have recently acquired a Smooth Fox Terrier, Maddie.

We live in the countryside with a large open area of forestry where we regularly take them out. This alone is a full time job as I am sure you can imagine. 

  • Morning Forest Walk
  • Evening Forest Walk